Sunday, July 15, 2007

circa 2007

circa2007: A Photographic Encounter with the Everyday
for Singapore Art Show (SAS 2007) 2 Aug – 8 Oct

Circa in Latin means "about" or "around. This photo outreach program is to enable one to pause, to look around and think about our everyday lives, to see the things less ordinary. †And then to communicate that pause in the everyday routine, that sense of "about-ness" through photography, seen through the eyes of Singaporeans.
This inaugural edition begins with our youth; it is Singapore’s most ambitious photographic outreach event, and it serves as a platform for photography as a medium of creative expression on the lives and livelihood in Singapore.
It is also a part of SAS 2007, the major platform for showcasing the breadth and depth of visual arts in Singapore.
We are excited to invite every Secondary School student to participate, and share his or her life, and images of Singapore. Photographs will be exhibited online, in the city and the heartlands.
1. Education through photography.
2. Telling a Singaporean Singapore story creatively through photography.
3. Finding an Asian photographic identity.

Theme: Singaporean Singapore
Everyday images that occur through both our daily routines as well as the unusual occurrences. Anything from home to school, from breakfast to dinner, from football to CCA, from friendship to heartbreak, all the ins and outs of life in Singapore as seen by the Singaporean youth.

1. An island-wide exhibition of the 8 x 10" photographs
2. 10 selected participants will be given a chance to further their photography images by working with established photographers together with student-mentors from NTU and SMU. These 10 students will work on specific themes to showcase their works.
3. An online exhibition for everyone.

How to be part of circa2007?
All registration details can be found on the website. The website will also offer tips on photography.

To participate in the online exhibition, simply register and upload digital images on the website.

To participate in the island-wide 8 x 10" exhibition, follow the steps:

Step 1. Students simply take interesting photos of their everyday lives. If students are keen, they can also attend a free photography seminar led by some of our best photographers.
Step 2. Go online to download and print the entry form. Fill up the necessary details.
Step 3. Go to any participating
photo labs located on the island and do an 8" x 10" print (without borders) for only $2.50 (usual RP $4 - $16). Do bring along your student identification.
Step 4. Send in entries and formatted images on a CD, together with the entry forms to:

Nanyang Technological University
School of Art, Design and Media
81 Nanyang Drive Level 3
Singapore 637458

Website: www.circa.com.sg/2007


+65 6440 6328

For more details on participation, please kindly log on here.

If you know of any teenagers who are interested in photography, do encourage them to take part in Circa 2007. I'm not involved in this event but hey I thought it'd be nice to help spreading the words.

All the best of luck!

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