Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye Playground @ Dover + 2 more

Today I want to share with you a news. A sad news that is. Yesterday I organized an outing with two friends, to visit some old school playgrounds in western area of Singapore (dated 28 July 2012, Saturday). To our great astonishment and disappointment, we found the above photographed playground has vanished. Make the jump to find out more.

Lately I'm embarking on a nocturne photography project titled This Used To Be My Playground. It has started since May this year. One day while I was tidying up and categorizing all the images and video footages I took during my location scouting, I found that I have more than enough materials to do a video in remembering the old playgrounds in Singapore. Here's the first part video.

Coming back to the vanished playground in Dover Road housing estate, it was demolished to ground zero. Here's a footage.

Well considered a sneak preview of this footage which will be featured in the upcoming second part video of old playgrounds.

After Dover disappointment, we met another one at our next playground in nearby West Coast Town Council in Clementi Avenue 3. It's a small playground of a bird - a sparrow. Not many people know about this playground. Here's how it looks like.

This sparrow is waiting for its fate to be smashed and crumbled into dust and debris like those laid before its eyes. As you can see the whole area around the Town Council and a 4-storey HDB flat are surrounded by metallic hoarding boards. Fortunately  we found our way in and the Chinese foreman agreed to let us take photographs.

Next stop, we travelled to Boon Lay Avenue to check out this Clock playground. It is situated at the foot of a HDB flat and near a public bus-stop. Again, to our surprise, the playground is scheduled to be demolished as there's a notice signboard hanging on the barricades that wrapped around the playground as seen in the picture below.

Well, we managed to find an opening and made our entry. Each of us took many shots and come to think of it, we were lucky to be there yesterday. Any delay, the playgrounds are gone, just like the Dover's Animals playground.

I will be visiting more old school playgrounds in the coming weeks and I hope all of the rest are still around. Stay tuned for more blogs on my visits.