Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kodak Single Use Camera Series: Street Photo 3 - OH!

This is the third street photo from Kodak Single Use Camera series.

I was on the public bus heading towards the city area to do street photography. I deliberately chose this seating because of the inverted words "24 HOURS..." - a bus advert tagline for a local supermarket. I lifted up my camera and looked through the viewfinder, trying to compose my shot with the inverted letters 'H' and 'O' which form a "OH" into the frame.

Usually when I do street photography, I do not set out with a project or theme in mind, but there are times that I wanted to be creative. Hence I pre-visualized of a street character who would be making facial expression e.g. mouth wide opened suggesting a yawn or in astonishment. An unique street character that would fit into the frame in juxtaposition with the "OH" word.

Along the bus journey there wasn't one ideal character. Then it dawned on me that I was blinded by my own judgement and vision in wanting to achieve something that was beyond my controls. Street photography is about life that is unpredictable on the streets; unforeseen and unexpected events unfold itself, calling for spontaneous responses from the photographer with as much anticipation as possible. Now I truly understand that, the more I desire for the "perfect" and idealistic street photo, the slimmer or zero chance of attaining it.

It was just a couple of bus-stops away from my destination and I wasn't ready to give it all up yet. When the bus came to a halt at a traffic junction, I spotted a small group of 5 Indian monks waiting at the pedestrian crossing perhaps attempting to cross the road or to hail a taxi. After a few moments, the monks started to walk against the traffic towards my direction.

Upon seeing this, I already got my camera ready to make one decisive snapshot, and that was how I got this shot. The blob of light reflected on the glass window came from the camera built-in flash. Due to the last shot with flashlight, the capacitor had some leftover flash power stored and it fired in the next shutter release. Well I took it as a blessing in disguise. Lights and monks can be tied in relation to Buddhism concept of Enlightenment. Luck and chance are 2 important factors that are helpful in street photography. In the end I'm still happy with this snapshot.
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