Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garung Guni Man (Prelude)

Garung Guni Man

Yes this is man I've photographed on the last New Year Eve (2006). The photographs you see here are taken much earlier. I think it was in late 2005, during a Street Photography outing organised by Circle of Light forum committee. A couple of friends and I approached this old man. Til this day, I still do not know his surname not to mention his full name. Well everyone has their own privacy rights, don't they?

Comparing these photographs and the latest ones, you can tell how hagged the old man has becoming. I still love all shots that I have taken of him. What's your point of view of this old garung guni man?

You can start writing your comments or point of views in the ShoutMix tag board on the right bottom column of my blog site. Looking forward to hear from you.

Seagull 205 RangeFinder on Ilford FP4 Plus. Scanned and toned in Adobe Photoshop, with minor Brightness and Contrast adjustments and minor dodging & burning.

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