Sunday, February 28, 2016


This is the first street photo post in 2016. Expect more to be posted here on this blog site so do subscribe and stay tuned for the latest updates.

OK here's a little story on how I got this street portraiture of this cool dude with a cool killer big chopper bike. It was in mid 2014 on a Sunday morning as I was walking along the sidewalk of Marina Bay Sands, I saw this guy riding on this strange shaped bike. It reminds me of Harley-Davidson styled bike but this one is different. I told myself I want to take a few photos of him and his cool chopper bike but he rode away.

A few moments later, he came around and stopped to rest, and this is the only chance I got so I rushed up and approached him. I told him I'm a street photographer and I found his bike so unique and asked his kind permission to take a few photographs. He smiled and gladly agreed.

After the photo shoot, I asked for his contact so I can send him a copy of his best portrait, and he gave me his business card. And he told me he is the owner of a bicycle company by the name CUSTOMAXXX, where they make customised chopper bikes like the one he rode on. Pretty cool eh! I thanked him and he rode away.

This is what I like about street photography. You never know what would be unfolded before your eyes and it always happen when you are least expected. When that moment occurs, trust your own instinct and self confidence, go ahead to seize that opportunity to take photographs, be it with kind permission or taking a few quick candidly snapshots. It may or may not be the best street shots you have taken but at least you have no regrets in letting those beautiful moments slipped by.

Photo info:
Seagull 205 RF on FujiFilm Neopan 400. Developed in 1:1 Kodak D76 for 500 seconds and scanned on Epson V700 with slight tonality and contrast adjustments in Photoshop.