Monday, June 28, 2010

Phottix Atlas Instruction Manual

Phottix has officially released their new product, a wireless flash remote trigger system, Phottix Atlas. There are reviews and test runs done, which I will not be doing the same here. However, the product does not come with an instruction manual. Hence I've improvised the manual based on the original copy, with added images of the product, in PDF file format.

If you own one or more Atlas or just bought it, and want the manual, please send me an email and I would be happy to send you the PDF file.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New B&W Photography Project

Today's weather is awesome! A great day for some outdoor photorgaphy at Woodlands Waterfront this morning. Here's a prelude foto to a new B&W series which I have thought of for some time now. This project series is titled, Chiaroscuro. (Check its pronunciation here and its history) Basically it's a series of B&W fotos with stark contrast in tonality; the distribution of light and shade in a photograph or the sketch in light and shade.

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

This photograph was taken with my Sony Ericsson Vivaz in 6-megapixels B&W mode. Cropped and retouched in Photoshop. No adjustments in Levels and Curve. Will post more as I go along with this series. Thanks for reading and viewing.

Eye e City 2009 Photogaphy Exhibition

My fotos for Eye e City 2009 are selected for exhibition along with many other participants' photographs.

Held over two locations consecutively, the exhibition will present the collection of photographs taken on the last day of 2009, as selected by a panel of veterans earlier this year.

Participants, Fans and Friends of Eye e City can bring their family and friends to The Substation Gallery or Jurong Regional Library from 1 August 2010, Sunday to 10 August 2010, Tuesday to recount what 2009 was like for them.
Admission is free to both locations.
Do mark your calendar and come down to support Eye e City, me and my work. Thank you very much.