Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chinese Tea Master

The Chinese Tea Master is at work. I made this small series of photographs about a week ago at Geylang East Home For The Aged. They were celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in the neighborhood of Aljunied. This is an annual event and it was my first time taking part in voluntary work for the organiser, Mr. Walter Lee who is the person in charge of all the event set-up and co-ordinations. Briefly speaking, I got to know Mr Lee during my first particpation of Eye The City 2005 in Bencoolen Street. Last year I was asked to help but unfortunately due to the serious hazy period, I fell ill and unwell. I couldn't make it as I had promised Mr Lee. Well in a word, I felt bad about it so this year I made a point to come back to help him taking photographs. Of cuz for the cause of good deeds.

As everyone was preparing and setting up for the evening program, I wandered around taking photographs. They have games for the kids on the opposite side of the main stage, which is about 50 meters away. I'll post up some of those fun photographs soon.

In between these 2 areas, there's a short passage where they have had stalls on Art & Craft and Gardening. I will also post up some of the photographs here. Well I don't think I would want to put up any of the main stage photographs as they aren't as interesting as the photographs I took of the others.

Coming back to these 5 photographs, I consider them to be my favorites and best pictures for that day. It was a pity I didn't get to know more about the Tea Master, but I'm sure one day I'll do a short interview with him and more better portraitures of him as well.

© 2007 Martin Liew Photography.
Nikon FM10 on Ilford XP2 Super • Tamron 17-35mm
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