Friday, October 26, 2007

Mamam Beach II

This is another photograph I made at Mamam Beach. It was a challenging scenery to work on. Again I took many bracket shots and using the same treatment as I did for the first photograph in Photoshop.

The sky was the most tricky part to handle. As this was a test shot, using my HOYA ND-400, I intended to play around the images in Photoshop, with as minimum as possible in manipulations. If I'd shoot film, I'd apply more filters at the time of exposing, especially the most indispensable ND Grad filter. It helps to cut down lotsa light from the sky, so as to bring out more clouds details and balance out the brightness and contrast.

Of course I still have to apply the darkroom technique i.e. burning & dodging, thereafter. Well I'll definitely go back there for another attempt. Hopefully I'll make it more successful in both digital and film.
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