Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photo of the Day

Well I've never do this before and I'm doing it out of fun. So here it goes.

Took a few shots for the past 2 days with my 5mp Sony Ericsson cell phone camera and these are what I got.

Yesterday morning as I opened the house door, I was greeted with such beauty before me. I can't help myself but to grab my cell phone and capture it. Later on I left home for work, I had breakfast at this coffee shop, where they still charge 70cents for a cup of hot coffee. Since Tuesday 15 April, some coffee shop owners have had marked up the hot drinks price. I paid 90cents for a cup of hot coffee.

Well I did have a good breakfast, a fulfilling one. Well I'll try to take as many street snapshots with my phone camera as I can. Thay way I will not be missing any good shots, even though the result quality is not ideal. At least i get to take fotos and develop it as a daily focus discipline.

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