Sunday, November 2, 2008

On Reading

In September 2008 issue of Black & White Photography (UK edition) magazine, I came across André Kertész: On Reading.

André Kertész (1894–1985) is recognized as one of the world’s most significant and influential photographers. André Kertész: On Reading is a collection of 104 black-and-white photographs that highlight Kertész’s signature style of the visual poetry in everyday life. The photographs were taken during a 50-year period, beginning in 1925. By capturing individuals immersed in the act of reading in a variety of settings—parks, cafés, libraries, rooftops, backstage, street corners, trains, and bookstands–, Kertész uses the activity of reading as a constant motif for his narrative, which weaves in and out of public and private spaces. These observations form an engaging, and often amusing, study of the universal and captivating power of reading.

Upon reading and seeing his work, I was really inspired and thus I started out my own street photography project based on the same title. Though I can't compare my work with the great master amd not to mention of cliche photographs or being a copycat, nonetheless, I hope at the process of this project I would be able to develop a photographic signature style of my own, where my photographs create a strong visual communication to all viewers.

Here are 2 shots for viewing. To view more in my On Reading collection, please visit my website here. Thank you.

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