Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eye e City 2009 Judging Day

I attended Eye e City 2009 Judging Session today. It was a great pleasure viewing every participant's photographs. Though 2 of my single fotos are not selected, I did learn a few things out of it. I might had missed the mark on which my images did not speak to the Judges and other viewers. And upon seeing through all the participants' images, there are many things I have had overlooked or did not know about. But I learnt better at how and what to look out for, not only for Eye event but for my progress in social and documentary photography. It's a great learning experience.

Here are the 2 rejected fotos:

On the other hand, I've realised...

On the other hand, I've realised my strength has grown in the Photo Essay and Eye Challenge categories after 4 years of Eye e City particpations. Well, my Challenge series for 2009 was rejected too. Good thing is my photo-essay on Master Hong Hanlin, artisanal shoemaker got selected. As a photographer with an open mind, I'm able to accept critics and comments, learn from my own mistakes and work things out to improve from there.

Initially I was reluctant to submit my Challenge series, as I felt it was not in a complete set. The critics and comments I received are that there are no drastic or significant changes in that area to be documented as I covered only a small part of a huge housing area.

With the advice in mind, I'm more prepared and know what to look out for, and I'll be able to previsualize and plan my foto compositions and perspectives, in order to make this Challenge series a complete set. That means, I still got time to go back there to take more fotos through out the year until 31 December 2010 and re-submit the Challenge series. Hopefully Eye Committee and judges will accept it. Even if it's not, I will still gain experience and continue to progress from there.

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