Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!!!

Another new year has begun, another chapter of our life just started. Eye é City 2009 just ended and every participant has submitted their photos today. Preliminary fotos selection will be held next week on 9 & 10 January 2010, Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Beach Center, Beach Road. I'll be there as one of their facilitators in helping out the participants with their fotos selections. Looking forward to see their work.

It was my 5th year that I took part in this annual event. It was great to meet friends during the Registration night on 30 Dec 2009. On the actual day, weather was awesome; hot, sunny and occasionally windy day. A great day for street photography.

Prior to the actual day event, I've had some ideas and subjects that I've wanted to make photographs of and at the same time I read the papers to keep a look-out for worthy subjects or topics, of cuz relevant to Eye é City photography context. I also read books on Photojournalism and visited some amazing websites on social documentary and photojournalism. I've signed up in local and foreign Photojournalism forums. It certainly broaden my perspectives and thoughts in creating the photographs I was going to make. Well, not only for Eye event but for personal work as well. It occurs to me that photography can be a powerful medium to change or create an awareness and impact to the World we're living in.

There's this motivation phrase that says, "Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation." I believe this is true, well, even though it stuck with me for years and I have tried my best to keep up to it. Since my first Eye participation in 2005, I had tried ways to improve my photography skills and by doing so to have my fotos being selected, it certainly serves as a great motivation tool to me.

So with all the preparations i.e. going out to do some serious street photography on almost every weekends, (hardcore you might say), self-assigned projects on short-term and long-term basis, etc, certainly helps me in a long way. Guess I'm a pragmatic person and when I want to do something, I will do it in my utmost best with passion for the best results. Well, that's just me.

Year-end is the time of the year, not only to celebrate but also to do a thorough self-reflections on all the things that I had done; good or bad, be it at work or at home with loved ones, and of cuz in my own photography. It got me thinking, "how far have I come to, photographically speaking, on improving my skills and creative thinking?" Well, there are still alot to learn and to be inspired. It's endless.

So in this new year, I will keep on doing what I like and what I do best. Likewise for everyone who reads this blog. Thanks for your kind support! I wish all of you good health and good wealth in 2010. Hope you all can still continue to read my blogs. Thank you very much!!

Happy 2010 to everyone!!
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