Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Men in the Mirror

I have fell in love with this place located in Little India - a "Kopi Tiam" a.k.a. coffee-shop in Chinese Hokkien dialect. I just love the environment and surrounding area, and of cuz the coffee and toasted bread with Kaya spread and butter. While I was enjoying my food, I noticed something interesting...

Here's one of the many photographs I took on the last day of 2009.

Men in the Mirror

On this particular day I was having my tea-break there (well, in fact I went there in the morning for breakfast) and happened to see something unique in one of the mirrors they hung up on a pillar. I saw these mirror reflections of four men, especially paying more attention on the old Indian man on the foreground.

Much to my anticipation, I took out my camera and make a couple of quick shots. I was attracted by the reflections of 4 men, framed tightly in the mirror, each of them is minding their own business. There's this pattern formed within i.e. the first and third man are facing the mirror and the one between them turned around. The best part is the Indian man sitting down at the table having his coffee. He seems to be in deep thought or waiting for someone. On the background, there's a man walking by as if he has walked out from the mirror.

I got the title from Michael Jackson's song of the same name, but mine is in plural form as shown in the photograph.


I have always keep a close observations and look out for such rhythmic patterns and subject juxtapositions of every day life on the streets. I have begun to have the hang of it and I will continue to do so. With my Seagull-4A TLR, I have started out on a new street photography experience. I can see there are many many more chances and possiblities to do better street photographs. All I have to do is to focus on my practice, even without a camera, well most of times.

It's what I called Daily Focused Discipline. Every day I go to work, while I'm walking or taking a bus journey, I would look around and observe my surroundings - people, objects, vehicles, food, buildings so on and on. Sometimes I'd change my route to work, to see different things. I guess that's how I trained myself to be an observant. During these times, I have seen many good photography opportunities but without a camera at hand, I'd use my eyes and stored them in my memory. How tantalizing and tempting I am and not being able to make any photo.

So when I hit the streets on weekends, I would unleash my creativity and make photographs to my heart's content. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." I'll keep on practice my craft and improving my skills, to make as many good photographs as I can.