Sunday, October 31, 2010

Deconstruction of National Stadium

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

A day ago i.e. 29 Ocotber 2010, Friday, I was out of office to collect something in town. I was on a cab which drove pass the National Stadium deconstruction site. I was in awe to see one of the four light towers was gone. The whole stadium looks similar to Rome's colosseum. I was thrilled and decided to go back for some photographs.

More images after the jump.

I arrived at the location at about 10:00 AM this morning. I walked all the way from Kallang MRT station towards the former People's Association along Stadium Link, and made my exit to Nicoll Highway. From there, the stadium is in sight. Walking farther down, there's a overhead bridge. This is the bridge on which I made a night photograph titled, Bridge to Stadium circa 2007. I did a short term project on the National Stadium. I did a series of 12 photographs for Eye The City 2007 Retrospective Challenge.

I made a video on the bridge with my camcorder. Here are the 2 video clips and this is the first time I uploaded videos. Not really professionally edited and produced, but just for viewing pleasure.

As you can see from the videos, the deconstruction work is going on even on Sunday. Here are a few more pictures I took with my camcorder and mobile phone camera.

One of the 4 light towers on the West entrance of the stadium. © 2010 Martin Liew Photography. (SPEED HD120Z)

Deconstruction. © 2010 Martin Liew Photography. (SPEED HD120Z)

This part of the stadium looks similar to Rome's colosseum. The giant clock on the background has since stopped running. © 2010 Martin Liew Photography. (Sony-Ericsson Vivaz camera phone) 

The colorful chimney-like structure is Kallang Leisure Park and Stadium Circleline station is in sight too. © 2010 Martin Liew Photography. (Sony-Ericsson Vivaz camera phone)

This images was taken outside Stadium Circleline station. © 2010 Martin Liew Photography. (Sony-Ericsson Vivaz camera phone)

I did the videos and snap shots just for location recce purpose and initially I wanted to do night photographs there, but in the end I changed my mind. Perhaps I should record the whole process from demolition of the  old stadium to the construction of the new sports hub periodlcally from time to time till the day it is completed in 2014.. Yeah more like a documentary. This certainly requires time and effort to commit into.

By the way, here are 2 Before and After images to show the change.

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography.

Notice the 2 trees on the right side?. They have grown and block most of the view in the bottom image. Though the images were taken at different spots of the overhead bridge, you can still see the difference of the stadium. Well until then, I'll update on the building progress of the new Sports Hub.

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