Sunday, October 9, 2011

On the Street... As I See It

Young Japanese Busker
© Martin Liew Photography

I came across this young Japanese busker performing outside Takashimaya Shopping Center. The musical instrument she was playing looks like an inverted cooking wok with circular dents with each dent produces different musical tones. It was played in the form of percussion by hands. An unique music performance and I was drawn to the sounds. Passer-bys dropped money in a separate wok as a token of appreciation for her performance. She bowed her head and said "Arigato!" with a smile.


Anonymous said...

I'm badly searching more about what exactly is that instrument she's using when I came across your site... Any clue?

Martin Liew said...

I'm afraid I do not have the answer to your question. IF I come across the busker again, I'll ask her about. :)

Adam Culpepper said...

It's called a "hang" drum.

Martin Liew said...

Thanks Adam!