Monday, October 29, 2012

Old Playgrounds Video Part 3 Now Showing

Sampan Playground

Finally the much anticipated video is out. In this finale video, you'll get to see some unique and interesting playgrounds. Hop right on board the sampan and sail for the video.

At last I've completed this memento series on old school playgrounds. It has been a wonderful and fun experience traveling island wide making all these photographs and videos.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that my main goal of this project is simply to use photography and a little on videography, as a medium, in capturing the old playgrounds for memento. I hope these 3 videos serve as good educational materials for the younger generations. Well the kids can still visit some of these playgrounds before some are gone forever.

So without much ado, sit back and enjoy this last video.

I'll be continuing my night photography on these old school playgrounds. So if you are keen to know more and follow up on my new work, do subscribe my blog and/or visit my website.