Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Alternative Resource

I posted this image on my Facebook page this late afternoon. I was asking viewers to guess what these items are. Have you guess it right?

Make the jump to find out the answer and what I can do with these items.

Yeah these are binding bands but it is not ordinary binding bands or most people called it cable ties. These are REUSEABLE binding bands. Talking about the 3 big 'R's i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The most common ones are those made in opaque white plastic bands. They are sold in a huge bunch per pack for a very cheap price and are non-reuseable.

I bought a few packs with 2 different length of 15cm and 20cm at one of our local DAISO outlets, for just SGD$2.00 per pack.

Well you might wonder what these binding bands got to do with photography. It has many uses as illustrated on the package. I find it as an alternative resource for a DIY camera support. I got inspired by the original Jerkstopper designed and created by Tether Tools. Here are some pictures of Jerkstoppers.

Jerkstoppers are designed as a solution to prevent sudden cable dislodge from your camera or accidentally jerked out of your camera and damage the plug or cord, especially when you are shooting tethered.

Personally I have been shooting tethered lately and instead of getting one from Tether Tools, why not DIY. So here's my DIY Jerkstopper using 2 reusable binding bands and a safety pin.

It's pretty simple and easy to make. With one binding band tied on the USB cable as shown. Next, I cut off the strip off of the second binding band and to use the locking head attached to a safety pin and then hooked up onto the camera strap loop. Now, connect the USB cable to the camera body and connect the binding band strip to the second locking head and it's done. It can be dissembled easily too. By pressing down on the release indicated above, the band is easily released.

This is just for the camera support. On the other end of the USB cable that connects directly to your computer or laptop, it requires the same precaution. I think it depends on what plain flat surface your computer is placed. I would use a strong gaffer tape to tape it down. That way, it can still prevent unwanted dislodging. Unless your cable is long enough, otherwise when a strong jerk occurs, the gaffer tape might give way.

My DIY may not be the best but it's workable. I'm also not sure if someone has already came up with similar DIY idea. Thought it would be good to share with you. I find it a great way to go shopping in the stores you wouldn't have gone to and discover something non-photographic that could help in your photography one way or another.

If you viewers have come across some better designs or using better resources, do share with us here. 

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