Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheers for Beer! (An Experimental Fun Shot)

Cheers for Beer
My mother went for a cooking event held in City Square Mall yesterday afternoon and in the goodie bag, there are these two mini cans of Asahi Japanese beer. Yes one cannot tell how mini they are from the above picture unless I placed a regular size beer in scale comparison. The mini can measures 3 inches (7.8 cm) height 2 inches (5 cm) diameter. The whole can is in silver tin color which makes it very glossy and reflective.

Well I just thought why not do a simple photo shoot so I did a quick set up with a lighting diagram after the jump.

OK here's the quick lighting set up for the beer cans photo shoot. Basically it was taken with my Samsung S3 phone camera, set at the highest pixels dimension with Incandescent (Tungsten) White Balance in Spot metering. No color gels are used in the process of making.

I positioned the two beer cans on a stool with white plastic seat, set against a white wall with natural ambient light came from the living room main door on camera left. With the WB set to Incandescent, the whole scene is in blue color cast.

Next I used a LED video light as a fill with a warm-up cover filter to create that lime green color cast. As you can see from the picture, I positioned the video light on camera right side, this is so because I was holding the phone camera with my left hand and the video light with my right hand. No light stand was used. Since my hands are full, I couldn't press the touch-screen shutter. With the self-timer set to 10 seconds, I have more than enough time to hold still and take the shot.

Here's the lighting diagram.

So that's it. Just a simple experimental fun photo shoot. Nothing too technical but just playing with WB as well as lighting. Post-process and cropping were done in Snapseed.

I must say I've used Snapseed to post-process most of the pictures I took with my S3. It's a great app which is available for both Android and iPhone for free download. Give it a try and you might love it.
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