Saturday, March 15, 2014


Singapore media regulators at Media Development Authority (MDA) on 1st June 2013 imposed new licensing rules on 10 news sites run by Yahoo’s Singapore unit and two domestic media companies, requiring them to apply for individual licenses, furnish a “performance bond” and comply with government orders to remove any objectionable content within 24 hours.

A week later, advocacy group #FreeMyInternet organised a protest at Hong Lim Park which attracted approximately 2500 attendees. The protest was part of an ongoing campaign calling for the removal of the new regulations and amendments to the Broadcasting Act made by the MDA.

The #FreeMyInternet protest was preceded by a blackout of more than 150 participating blogs and a petition to rescind the new rules which has garnered more than 4,000 signatures. More report here.

I was there to witness and to support and to take pictures. I did not stay till the end anyway here are just a few shots I took on that eventful day.

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