Sunday, March 23, 2014

Street Photo - Merry-Horsey-Go-Round

Every year during the Chinese Lunar New Year, there'll be a carnival set up at The Float, next to The Esplanade; the same place we held our National Day Parade, for the past three years. I don't really fancy such place and hardly patronize every year. However this year I happened to be in that area as I was heading towards The Helix Bridge linking to Marina Bay Sands.

The carnival operates from afternoon till night fall. I was there in the sunny hot morning and the whole place was empty and I came across this Horsey-Go-Round machine. I walked around it and found this interesting signboard, shown in the picture above, that reads "LARGEST PERSON SITS HERE!"

I guess it is to be fair for any body regardless of age and sizes, to have the chance to enjoy the ride, though it seems quite intimidating. On the flip side, it's for their own safety as they are over-weighed and might cause damage to the Horsey seats and result in unwanted accidents.

The next interesting thing I noticed was the Seahorse character alongside with a Horse. According to Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year of Horse and hence they had these creatures featured together on this machine, which is nice. All these elements came into place and I believe they make a Horse-say (means wonderful in Hokkien dialect) street photograph, don't you agree?

Seagull 205 RF on FujiFilm Neopan 400. Developed in 1:1 Kodak D76 for 500 seconds and scanned on Epson V700 with minor tonality adjustment in post.
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