Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pano-Street Photo: I WAS HERE

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I WAS HERE. Or rather I was there at the Singapore Art Museum in 2006 when I took this panorama shot using a vintage Russian made swing-lens panorama camera, Horizon 202 - the predecessor to my modern Horizon Perfekt. I do not own the Horizon 202 which belongs to a friend who is kind enough to let me played with it.

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I was looking through my archival and saw this photo and thought it looks interesting. A Master street photographer once said, "Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking photo as a judgement that the photograph is good." He would often wait for at least a year before processing and editing any of his own photographs so that he could distance himself as far away from his own work as possible. Emotionally detached. A good advise on self-critical editing.

In my case, it's been 8 years since I took the above photograph. I didn't really take much notice or study as I was just curious about the swing-lens camera and what kind of photographs it could produce. Well it's not the best super-duper street photograph but it was more about wanting to try and use the camera and to experience for myself. So just when I saw the photograph again after 8 years, it seems so fresh and new to me.

For most of my 35mm film street photographs and digital ones as well, posted here on this blog site, were made two to eight years ago. With the Master's great self-editing advise, I certainly learnt a lot and understand more about my own work, and always showing the best ones.

Last but note least, here's a color version. The photograph was exposed on a color negative (not recorded). Developed and scanned at a local photo lab.

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More pano-street photographs made with my Horizon Perfekt, will be shown here in future blogs. So do subscribe to my blog for future updates. Keep shooting and have a great day!

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