Saturday, April 11, 2015

Snapseed 2.0 Is Out!

Sunset Factory House
I heard about the new release of Google's new Snapseed app i.e. Snapseed 2.0 which is an awesome upgrade from the first version. With great UI, fast rendering time and so much more features to offer that you will get blown away. What's more? IT"S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So I took the opportunity to take some sunset pictures right after work and this is one of the few shots. All post-processed in Snapseed 2.0

I've always enjoyed using this mobile photo editing app and now I love it ever more. Below are 2 more processed of the same picture in Black & White and 16:9 panorama crop.

And here's another shot I made of a parked excavator, with my iPhone 6 Plus on Chrome mode with HDR on. 

HDR mode
Post-processed on the Original
Post-processed on the HDR
Compare the 2 post-processed photos to the following Original and HDR images respectively, I must say Google has certainly set a new and higher level in mobile editing app to its predecessor. Personally I believe Snapseed 2.0 will definitely be the Number One photo editing app, AGAIN, in the market in 2015 It's my GO-TO app every time I take photos with my mobile phone camera, be it Android or iOS. Yeah my personal favorite!

Coming back to the 2 post-processed photos, I would say both look good but the HDR version has more details and vivid colors. Howsoever, the down side on processing the HDR image on iPhone is that the image pixel size is relatively smaller than the original version. Personally I want large pixel size and in case I want to print it on a A3 size for example, the image can be enlarged without any loss in details.

Before we go, here's a 38-minute video by The Grid on Snapseed 2.0. Check it out.

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