Saturday, April 25, 2015

The New Capitol Theater Building

The newly renovated Capitol Theater building is open! Totally a new facelift!

I wrote a blog about my exploration inside the old building during the early stage of renovation. Check it out if you will.

There was an event going on inside the new building at the time of making this pano shot but I was still able to stand by the main entrance and had a glimpse of the interior. Well, nothing special, just well lit with sunlight shining through the ceiling windows but I wonder how it would look like at night. That will be another visit in the near future.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Pano mode • Post in Snapseed 2.0

Here's a couple of panorama photographs I made of the old Capitol Theater building with my HORIZON PERFEKT back in 2010, which I have never showed to the public before. I think this is the appropriate time to do so.

HORIZON PERFEKT on ILFORD XP2 • Film developed and negatives were scanned at a local photo lab (not known).

For some old interiors of the theater during my exploration 4 years ago, click here. Pleasant viewing.

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