Saturday, June 6, 2015

Street Photo - Hard Rock Doggie

Hard Rock Doggie

This photograph of a dressed up dog certainly made my day. I was walking  around MBS (Marina Bay Sands) when I saw a cyclist riding with his dog. I noticed the dog was wearing a bandana and a pair of sunglasses. I quickly approached them and asked the man fi I can take pictures of his dog. He approved and I took a few shots on black & white film with my Nikon FM10. Next I took a few more with my Apple iPhone and offered to give an instant print but the dog owner politely rejected. And so they rode away. Here's a shot I took of the man and his stylish dog.

When I was about to take photographs of the dog, he was so shy that he crunched and shunned away from my camera. The owner tried to get him up but he was kind of reluctant. In the end I was still able to get one or two decent shots. 

Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Default mode • Flash & HDR off • Post-processed in Snapseed 2.0

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