Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cheers for Beer! (A Cinemagraph)

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Lately I got interested in cinemagraphs and this is my third attempt. Though not ideally the kind of result I wanted but I'm still quite pleased with the overall effect.

Well initially I wanted to include the flowing beer inside the bottle as it pours out into the beer glass. But that requires some handiwork which is to cut the beer bottle bottom half and clamp it sturdily on a light stand. Actually it's sort of like a funnel. Once the bottle is positioned above the beer glass, the video recording is running and I would pour another bottle of beer which is out of the frame, steadily at a moderate speed through the cut bottle and out pours the beer into the beer glass.

There are more room for improvements and with proper planning I believe I can produce better cinemagraphs.

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