Thursday, May 31, 2007

Old & New Favorites - Panorama

Laughing Buddhas

Well I had posted this panoramic photograph on our local photographic forum i.e. Clubsnap forum, on 12 Jan 2006. Since I just started on my new photography blog, I also wanted to share it with every blog readers out there.

I got the chance to borrow a classic HORIZONT panoramic camera from a friend of mine and took on a roll of Fujifilm Superia 200. One main problem with this camera is light leakage and I was lucky to get this shot without light leakage. Phew! All the interesting photographs I took, were at the mercy of the camera's mechanical fault. You never know what kind of light leakages you will get or how worse it can get.

In fact I took 2 shots of these 2 Laughing Buddha in Waterloo Street. Taking panoramic picture does change the way I see things. As I came across the Laughing Buddha which lotsa of people were praying and worshipping, they touch the Buddha statue for good fortune and good health. The last time I was there on 31st Dec 2005, the old Buddha was still in that spot. Now, it was shifted aside and replaced it with a new varnished Buddha statue. Everyone go for the new one and neglect the old one. Personally I find it pretty humorous and ironic on the other. FYI, the tarnished state of the old Buddha statue is due to the countless touchings by prilgrims. The new one symbolizes a good new start in the coming new year. So does favoritism play a part here?

Today is Vesak Day. I wish every reader healthy and happy always.

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