Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Unchanged Melody - Garung Guni Man

Unchanged Melody - Garung Guni Man

This is a 70 years old garung guni man whom I've never get to know his name nor his surname. This was my third visit.

He's married with kids. How many? I dunno. I'm sure they are all grown-ups and married. The old man has been working here at Dickson Road (Little India area) for many years. I bought him coffee and we started to chat up. It's always the same old "kopi-tiam" topics i.e. work, health, people and the high-standard of living in Singapore, etc etc. The higher standard and fast living pace really affected him so much. Howsoever, he's able to cope by himself; buying and selling strap junk for a living. Well, of cuz, with some help from his son who happened to be around that day.

The old man's son is friendly and chatty. We talked about the old kampong days in Singapore. As we're talking, the old man takes a break with his cigarette and coffee. Shortly after, his son left. We chatted on for the next 30 minutes. Eventually I requested to take his photographs and he gladly agreed.

Upon taking his portraitures, it occurs to me that life is like a melody with many high and low notes/keys. To this old chap, his melody is unchanged after all these years at Dickson Road, where he's contented with what he got. Or does he?

Well, I guess it doesn't matter to him at all, even on the last day of 2006. The unchanged melody still plays on...


cyanwater said...

Nice portraits and write-up. :)

Martin Liew said...

Thanks Cindy!