Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Reading...Update

I got back my Eye e City 2008 negatives yesterday afternoon. As I have worked as a volunteer and a facilitator for the Committee, as well as taking part in the meaningful event, I was priveleged and entitled to get 3 copies of Eye e City 2008. Yes it came as a nice surprise to me.

As I went through my negatives and digital photos on CD, I recalled I did take a shot of a Malay man reading newspaper under a shed, as shown below...
 It was located at the Malay Heritage Center. Without saying, this shot is added in the On Reading project. I will keep on looking and shooting for this project and add on to the collection. When the time comes to select and edit for the best 100 photographs, I will tidy up the gallery on my website.

In case you have not viewed the rest of the photo collection, click here.

Nikon FM10 on Tamron 17-35mm with Ilford Super XP2. Developed and scanned by Shalom Color Lab.
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