Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hidden and Found


About a week ago, I found this plastic point-&-shoot camera in my closet; hidden for a long time that I have no memory of owning this camera at all, and I was searching for other stuff when I found it.

It's scarce these days to find a plastic point-&-shoot film camera with a hot shoe on it. OK here's the little specification of this camera.

Lens: 35mm Wide Angle Optical Lens
Focus: 1.5 m to infinity
Shutter Mechanism: 1/125 second
Film Advance: Manual (Gentle)
Film Rewind: Manual
1 Push Rewind Button
2 Winding the Rewind Switch
Hot Shoe: For Indoor Photo
Flash-LightGuide No.:
• 40 for ASA 100
• 60 for ASA 200

I was quite excited about it and planning to load a film to shoot, but after some tests on its shutter mechanism, the leaf shutter clicks but doesn't open at all. Sad to find out it's out of order. Well, I'm sure it would be better to get a proper high quality point-&-shoot film camera e.g. Contax T3, Ricoh GR and many others.

I had never used this camera before and therefore I could not show you photographs taken with it. But recently I loaded a KODAK Portra 400 on my Vivitar PN2011. Well I guess it's all because of the recent use of KODAK Single Use Camera a.k.a. Disposable Camera, that I really really enjoy using point-&-shoot cameras. And I love the photo quality too.

Unfortunately for this SC-911, there's nothing I can do to revive it but to dump it.

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