Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Street Photo - Locksmith at work

Locksmith at work
Last Saturday I decided to sign up for a new Home Fibre Broadband Plan as well as a Mobile Data Plan which I changed my Samsung S3 to Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The main reasons are that my former Home Bundle Broadband Plan has had long expired slightly over a year now and S3 has been giving me a lot of storage space problems. Certain apps are lagging due to lack of storage space because with every update on Android OS, Samsung embedded its own apps which are super duper lame and unnecessary and useless for my usage. Obviously I don't need those apps at all and they are taking up too much hard disk storage space which annoys me, even speaking about it. I couldn't even uninstall them selectively. Samsung should reconsider some flexibility to resolve such issue.

On the other hand, my new iPhone 6 Plus works great though it has its own pros and cons, but I wouldn't talk about it here because I'm not that kinda of tech gadget geeky guy. I'm just a simple street photographer blogging about my street photos. iPhone 6 Plus' camera and image resolution quality is awesome. With its new lens stabilizer feature, taking sharp images has never been easier. I truly impressed by it.

So during my lunch break today, I took the opportunity to take some street photos at the nearby hawker center. Well not many. Just one shot only.

I came across this locksmith stall and saw the locksmith was engrossed in his work. I switched my iP6+ to silence mode and activated the Camera and set to Noir mode, which I find this feature produces good contrasty tonalities. For post-process, my number one go-to app would be Snapseed which I have been using it since my Android days with Samsung S3. It's a free app downloadable for both Android and iOS Smartphones.

Another favorite go-to app would be Photoshop Touch which I had it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet; pre-installed. After 3 years of usage, the tablet battery went bloated and it's way too expensive to repair which ridiculously cost more than SGD$600. Yes my Note 10.1 tablet died on me. So I was left without Photoshop Touch to post-process images. On iOS I have to purchase. I believe I will get it sooner or later, but meantime I want to try out some free photo editing apps first.

By far, I have downloaded and installed the following apps - Photoshop Express, SimplyB&W, Aviary Photo Editor and SimpleResize. For the above photo, I used Snapseed to enhance the contrast and ambience with some sharpening. No cropping as I composed it well on the spot.

Next I opened the photo in Aviary Photo Editor for watermark. Lastly, I down-sized the photo to 1200 pixels on the long side in SimpleResize and the photo resolution and quality are still good. Impressive.

By default, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus camera create a 3264 x 2448 pixels digital image with image size measured at 1151.47mm (W) x 863.6mm (H) resolution at 72 dpi (dots per inch). After resampled the image without altering the pixels size, the whole digital image is slightly smaller than a A4 size (297mm (W) x 210mm (H)) which is 276.35mm (W) x 207.26mm (H).

Basically sending the image to the photo lab to print on a 8R or Super 8R size (even slightly smaller than the resampled image) is not an issue at all. Now I am able to send my iPhone images to print postcard size photo paper on my Canon Selphy printer.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Noir mode. HDR mode off. Post in Snapseed. Watermarked in Aviary Photo Editor.

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