Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eye e City 2010 Book Collection + 1 sad news & 1 good news

This afternoon I went to collect my copy of Eye é City 2010 publication book (shown above). In fact I got 2 copies because I used to help the Eye Committee as a Volunteer and as a Facilitator. In addition, I even got to choose 2 more extra copies of past Eye é City publication books. I chose 2005 and 2008. There's a sad news and a good news. So make the jump to read more.

OK the sad news is Eye é City Committee has decided to cease operation and will not be organizing the year-end activity with effect from 2011. Well, it came as no surprise to me. In the past 2 years, the registered non-profit society had trouble in getting sponsors and shortage of funding to operate. The funding was used mainly for developing the negatives where some participants chose to shot on film, making large size prints for exhibitions, renting of exhibition space and eventually book publications. The organizers have had managed to pull through for another year i.e. in 2010. Unfortunately not being able to carry on for this year.

The main purpose of Eye é City not only to raise awareness and concern for the society at large through photography, it also hopes to encourage communication and understanding and foster the relationship between people in the community. Eye é City does not focus and advocates certain cultures, ideas, values, or to comment on the positive or negative of these cultures, ideas, values. They emphasize both diversity and inclusion of the society.

Despite not organising the year-end activity, Eye é City hopes all past participants will continue to spend at least the last day of each year to capture images of our city and through the process, care for our motherland, Singapore and its social-cultural changes. They believe that even without the activity being organised, the social-cultural spirit of Eye é City can continue in everyone’s daily life.

From my perspective point of view, I take this case positively. It's not really the end of Eye é City. It's just the new beginning; a new start, a good start. Here comes the good news.

The good news is there's a really small group of people who are keen to keep Eye é City going and willing to spare their free time in setting up a new Group Page in Facebook (as I was told). Yes Eye é City is going online where the power of internet and social networking serve as a media in reaching out to a wider audience. Though there are already 2 Eye é City Group pages set up in Facebook namely Eye é City and EyeeCity Singapore. FYI, the latter is the official Group page. Anyway more details are yet to be discussed and confirmed among the old and new Committee members before going full force into online operation.

I am certainly excited and looking forward to see a brand new Eye é City in Facebook, with more interesting activities and of course the year-end event as well. I hope to see old friends as well as more new comers or members in joining Eye é City in the near future.

Last but not least, most of you readers are not able to view the images published in the new book. Hit it here to view my published images. Pleasant viewing. Thanks for reading my blog.

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